PLAB Memory Based Questions (Part 8 of 13)

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  1. theme on trauma (spleen injury, ureter, kidney, bronchus pericard. Effusion)
  2. T. M of pneumonia (allergic to penicillin, HIV + ve, bilat. Basal patch, IV abuser)
  3. Theme on elect. Disturbance (hypokalemia paralytic ileus, hyponat. hypoglycemia etc.)
  4. theme on pat. With inc. Creat. Wat 2 do (ans. Renal dialysis)
  5. CVS theme (post MI bradycardia, pacemaker, pt with afib, beta blocker etc.)
  6. peptic ulcer theme (z/E syndrome, stool for occult blood, curling ulcers)
  7. What can you detect if a patient is found unconcsious with synringes and needles in his luggage (probably diabetic with insulin needles) -some theme abt IV drug abuse.
  8. Young girl is suffering from abdominal pain, which is not present during school vacations and holidays while gets severe during school hours that she was sent home from school several times (abdominal angina) .
  9. Women wakes up at midnight as she feels thumps on her chest. She takes 2 − 3 breaths, and then settle down (investigation of choice) .
  10. A girl has h/o 6 months, asymmetrical weakness, loss of vision in one eye and is unable to move one leg. What is it (multiple sclerosis) ?
  11. Diseases and their causative cells, Multiple myeloma-plasma cells, Ganglioblastoma multiforme-Astrocyte, AML-neutrophil precursor, Rhabdomyosarcoma-skeletal muscle cell
  12. A woman has increasing weakness at one side along with headache (SOL brain)
  13. Seasonal changes in mood (seasonal depression)
  14. Use of eye drops (this is when there is increased IOP, corneal ulcer non infective, corneal abrasion, allergic conjuctivitis, drug not 2 b given in MI/asthma)
  15. There is a woman who has a habit of smoking 30 cigarettes per day and had DVT in her last pregnancy. 4 years from now, she had a surgery for varicose vein, now present with ulcer above ankle with skin changes around it. What is it?
  16. A patient is found suffering mucus with blood (i.e.. . Ulcerative colitis) t/m: Mesalizine.
  17. stenosis of 3 parts of large gut on enema + rose thorn ulcer. d/x crohn՚s disease.
  18. pt had his lower GI endoscopy & biopsy from tranv. Colon, presents with rt shoulder tip pain & tense abt, wat to do (CXR erect)
  19. Ulcer 12 cm in size has emerged from anal verge, rest all GI normal (solitary rectal ulcer)
  20. What is barrets esophagus? Sqamous cell metaplasia
  21. A kid is complaining pain in L testicle since last 6 hours and is tender to touch (torsion)
  22. Theme urinary conditions (clots with urine invest-retention after injury, s/s of UTI-frank hematuria)
  23. A person of over 70 years of age is suffering from progressively increasing jaundice with pale stools (Dx CA pancreas) .
  24. Alcoholic with Inc. Alk. P04, cause (alcohol definitely)
  25. A kid has got his knee joint swollen after he suffered from sore throat, single d/x invest (ASO titre) .

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