PLAB Memory Based Questions (Part 9 of 13)

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  1. Lawyer fearful and anxious to talk in public-cognitive therapy
  2. Female patient with depressive symptoms
  3. Mother anxious to go on a plane-beta blockers
  4. Man admitted in the ward with presentation of delirium-Diazepam
  5. A young boy has a painless soft swelling in the rt. Scrotum, it is blue in colour and compressible. What is the best diagnosis of the disease?
  6. During a car accident, the driver hit the steering wheel. Due to this, B. P and pulse in both his arms were different. Widened mediastinum
  7. Female presenting with lower abdominal pain features of-ac. Appendicitis
  8. Female presenting with lower abdominal pain features of-ruptured ectopic pregnancy
  9. Female presenting with lower abdominal pain shows-ruptured peptic ulcer
  10. Female presenting with lower abdominal pain is a symptom of-pancreatitis
  11. 85yr old bedridden man with palpable distended bladder, stoke pt. with a soft indenting mass felt on the LIF. No loss of wt or bleeding p/r. Answer was faecal impaction.
  12. 55y man with macroscopic hematuria-bladder ca
  13. Man has hematuria and mass felt in lt. Loin-renal cell ca.
  14. one Q on ureteric colic
  15. Male with antero septal infarction-Normal Chest xray
  16. 2-Women undergoing oesophageal dilatation, now unwell-free mediastinal gas
  17. Patient with Hx of diverticulitis, now present with rigid abdomen-Gas under diaphragm
  18. A woman got stabbed in her chest which had led her to breathlessness situation. Pneumothorax
  19. Patient, fever 39 C, mid zone consolidation-pneumonia
  20. Fungating odour from breast-metronidazole gel
  21. Haloperidol-intractable hiccups
  22. Man presents with sup. Vena cava Obs, has Hx of bronchial Ca-dexamethasone tablets
  23. Man underwent radiotherapy for prostate CA, now with P/R bleeding-Prednisolone supp
  24. Increased thirst, polyurea, with Hx of some CA-Bisphosphonates
  25. 2 yr child not able to get an I/V line-interosseous line
  26. Child aged 12 not able to get an IV line-Central venous line
  27. A child has burns on chest, upper limbs 10 %-20 ml/Kg
  28. A patient has been burnt with current situation as soot, signed nasal hairs, noisy breathing-Endo intubation
  29. A child who has been burnt and has low BP-Dobutamine
  30. telengectisias, raynaud՚s phenomena-Anti centromere Antibody

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