Paper Folding and Paper Cutting YouTube Lecture Handouts (Non-Verbal Reasoning)

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Paper Folding & Paper Cutting - 1 Simple Technique
  • Imagination is the key
  • This section forms major topic of reasoning exams.
  • Expect 1 - 2 questions for sure
  • Exams like NTSE (both stage 1 and 2) have ample questions on paper folding. Again BITSAT logical reasoning have questions on paper folding and cutting.
  • Simply put, if you fold the paper once and cut it as semicircle in the center, it will become circle when you open it. This simple example itself is sufficient to demonstrate the importance of visualization for paper folding
  • No one but a teacher or demonstration can best explain this topic. Hence, we suggest that you direct watch the video available to understand the problems that have been mentioned below.
  • You can also take paper cut outs for the same and practice along with the demonstrations going on in the video.
  • Don՚t miss paper folding and cutting. It is a very important exercise.
Paper Folding and Paper Cutting Image - 1
Paper Folding and Paper Cutting Image - 2
Paper Folding and Paper Cutting Image - 3
Paper Folding and Paper Cutting Image - 4

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