Problems with CRPF, Naxalism, Recent Govt Initiatives, People՚S Liberation Guerilla Army

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Problems with CRPF

  • Recently, CRPF has been deployed on a large scale in counter-Naxal operations. However, they have proved quite ineffective and have on the contrary sustained major casualties (Dantewara massacare of 74 CRPF jawans) . The following are the reasons behind the failure of CRPF:
    • Lack of proper training: CRPF has no place to train its new recruits. There are six training centres, each of which can handle about 150 - 200 personnel through the nine-month basic training. The number of CRPF jawans presently numbers 280000.
    • Shortage of skilled officers: Capable officers are often siphoned off to elite services like NSG and SPG. Induction, too, has been slower than the requirement. Poor leadership means CRPF has little institutional ability to learn from its mistakes.
    • No in-house intelligence: It recruits on a national basis. This means there are few recruits who know the local circumstances, language, culture and terrain.
  • Force expansion is clearly not solving the problem. More police and para-military has been accompanied by more violence. What is required is a well-trained force.


Organisation of the Naxal Parties

People՚S Liberation Guerilla Army

  • Formed in 2000
  • After its formation, the naxalite violence throughout the country has increased
  • It is estimated that the base force consists of about 30000 soldiers
  • With its formation, the military and organisational work of the movement has been divided. This has helped them to plan and execute their strikes better.
  • In the ten years, nearly 2000 security personnel have been killed.

Recent Govt Initiatives

  • Integrated Action Plan launched in 78 LWE affected districts
  • IAP to be restructured during the 12th plan

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