RBI Assistant Exam: Science and Technology Ocean Technology

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Ocean Technology

  1. Scientific exploration of the oceans is necessary for effective utilisation of our planet earth. To view the ocean from the human frame of reference is always a challenging objective and a herculean task to execute. To succeed such ambitious task and carry out highly advanced research, we need state-of-the-art equipped ocean research vessels such as Sagar Nidhi.
  2. The vessel is capable of carrying out Geo-scientific, Biological, Chemical, Meteorological and Oceanographic research activities. Right from the design phase she was planned to support research in the Indian Ocean and Antarctic waters and built accordingly. Sagar Nidhi is operated by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, an Autonomous institute under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. Of India.
  3. Sagar Nidhi is also being utilized for ocean engineering purposes. Two-third of the earth՚s distinctive feature is occupied by oceans that possess economically valuable mineral wealth such as oil and natural gas, gas hydrates, manganese nodules, submarine hydrothermal sulphides, manganese crust, phosphorites, placers, calcareous sands and lime mud. To exploit these resources, technology is being developed at NIOT such as Deep Sea Mining systems, ROV՚s, AUV՚s, manned/unmanned submersibles, auto Coring System and exploration of Gas Hydrates. These technologies are demonstrated in deep seas on board Sagar Nidhi.

Courtesy: Science Reporter

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