Biotechnology Research and Development: Most Important Topic for 2021 RBI Assistant Exam

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  • The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) is an Indian government department, under the Ministry of Science and Technology responsible for administrating development & commercialisation in the field of modern biology & biotechnology in India. It was set up in 1986.
  • Through several research & development projects, demonstrations, grants & creation of infrastructural facilities a clear visible impact of this field has been seen. The department has made significant achievements in the growth & application of biotechnology in the broad areas of agriculture, health care, animal sciences, environment, & industry.
  • Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC) is a not-for-profit Section 8, Schedule B, Public Sector Enterprise, set up by Department of Biotechnology (DBT) , Government of India as an Interface Agency to strengthen & empower the emerging Biotech enterprise to undertake strategic research & innovation, addressing nationally relevant product development needs.
  • BIRAC is an industry-academia interface and implements its mandate through a wide range of impact initiatives, be it providing access to risk capital through targeted funding, technology transfer, IP management & handholding schemes that help bring innovation excellence to the biotech firms & make them globally competitive. In its Five years of existence, BIRAC has initiated several schemes, networks & platforms that help to bridge the existing gaps in the industry-academia Innovation research & facilitate novel, high quality affordable products development through cutting edge technologies. BIRAC has initiated partnerships with several national & global partners to collaborate & deliver the salient features of its mandate.
Creating Impact Across Sectors


  • “To Stimulate, foster & enhance the strategic research & innovation capabilities of the Indian biotech industry, particularly start-ups & SME՚s, for creation of affordable products addressing the needs of the largest section of society”
    • Key Strategies
    • Foster innovation & entrepreneurship
    • Promote affordable innovation in key social sectors
    • Empowerment of start-ups & small & medium enterprises
    • Contribute through partners for capability enhancement & diffusion of innovation
    • Enable commercialization of discovery
    • Ensure global competitiveness of Indian enterprises


  • Promote large scale use of Biotechnology
  • Support R&D & manufacturing in Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Responsibility for Autonomous Institutions
  • Promote University & Industry Interaction
  • Identify & Set up Centres of Excellence for R&D
  • Integrated Programme for Human Resource Development
  • To serve as Nodal Point for specific International Collaborations
  • Establishment of Infrastructure Facilities to support R&D & production
  • Evolve Bio Safety Guidelines, manufacture & application of cell-based vaccines
  • Serve as nodal point for the collection & dissemination of information relating to biotechnology

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