Innovation, Technology Development and Deployment: Most Important Topic for 2021 RBI Assistant Exam

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  • Technology Development (TD) Programme supports activities aimed at developing & integrating technologies to evolve materials/process/techniques both in the advanced/emerging areas and in traditional sectors/areas.
  • Under the Programme, feasibility of fresh ideas/concepts is assessed for their potential conversion into useful technology/product. Applications of R&D for socio-economic benefits is consciously promoted under this programme.
Patenting and Licensing


  • The primary objective of the Programme is to facilitate & support development of products or techniques/technology aimed at specific end use. The Programme stresses on clearly identifying the needs for development of the technology so that the developmental effort could be useful to the target beneficiary.
  • It envisages active user involvement & association in the development effort. The intention is that the products/technologies developed under the Programme become useful for the benefit of the people at large. The specific objectives of the Programme are to
  • Develop and integrate technologies following a holistic approach in identified areas.
  • Promote application of modern/advanced technologies to socio-economic problem solving.
  • Promote modernization of traditional technologies, tools & skills.
  • Facilitate enhancing quality & performance of the traditional/non-traditional items; encourage developments in application of R&D activities.
  • Promote activities aimed at improving technology, technique, material, methods & other appropriate activities conducive for development of technology status in identified areas.

Who Can Submit?

  • Project Proposals can be submitted for financial support by scientists/engineers/technologists working in academic institutions/registered societies/R&D institutions/laboratories having adequate infrastructure/facilities to carry out technology development work.
  • The Programme encourages multi-disciplinary Proposals envisaging network/collaboration of various Organizations having diverse expertise & facilities for synergistic implementation of the Projects. Participation of industry is encouraged.
  • Project Proposals from academic/R&D Institutions in collaboration with Industry having DSIR recognized R&D Laboratories will be preferred.

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