Wind Power – Grid Interactive Renewable Power: Most Important Topic for 2021 RBI Assistant Exam

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  • We are an independent, multi-dimensional organization, with capabilities in research, policy, consultancy & implementation. We are innovators & agents of change in the energy, environment, climate change & sustainability space, having pioneered conversations & action in these areas for over four decades.
  • We believe that resource efficiency & waste management are the keys to smart, sustainable & inclusive development. Our work across sectors is focused on
    • Promoting efficient use of resources
    • Increasing access & uptake of sustainable inputs and practices
    • Reducing the impact on environment and climate
  • Our research, & research based solutions have had a transformative impact on industry as well as communities. We have fostered international collaboration on sustainability action by creating a number of platforms & forums. We do this by translating our research into technology products, technical services, as well as policy advisory & outreach.
  • We have regional centres & campuses in Gurugram, Bengaluru, Guwahati, Mumbai, Panaji, & Nainital. Our 1200-plus team of scientists, sociologists, economists and engineers delivers insightful, high quality action-oriented research & transformative solutions supported by state- of-the-art infrastructure.
From Wind to Energy


  • Our mission is to guide transitions to a cleaner and sustainable future through the conservation & efficient use of Earth՚s resources & innovative ways of minimizing & reusing waste.


  • We pursue our mission by working towards the following key goals:
    • Enhancing access to clean energy for all
    • Helping a global transition to renewable energy pathways
    • Enhance energy efficiency, especially in industries, public utilities & buildings
    • Facilitating more efficient use of materials, especially iron & cement
    • Enhancing conservation, utilization of and access to water, including watershed management
    • Enabling the planning & governance of environmentally sustainable cities through green buildings & through management of solid waste, sewage, sanitation, mobility & air quality
    • Building resilience to adverse impacts of climate change due to cyclones & variations in hydrology & temperature
    • Accelerating pollution abatement through innovative policies & environment treatment products
    • Enhancing ecosystem services, especially in forestry & biodiversity
    • Developing green mobility solutions
    • Enabling sustainable food production & nutritional security through quality planting material, bio-based agricultural inputs & crop diversification
    • Developing innovative solutions for clean air, regionally & in cities.


  • Our over four decades success is a result of a multitude of approaches:
    • Interdisciplinary & integrated research & analyses
    • Evidence & data based decision making
    • Taking solutions from lab to pilot & field scale
    • Early validation of business models
    • Enhancing livelihood through new technologies & practices
    • Policy advisory & consultancy
    • Education and outreach to influence decisions & consumer behavior
    • Capacity building & handholding of stakeholders
    • Partnerships across stakeholders, nationally & internationally.

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