Key, Priorities to India՚s Foreign Policy: Regarding Piracy and Nuclear Disarmament

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Key, Priorities to India՚s Foreign Policy

  • Regarding Piracy: As a founder member of the contact group on piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) . India actively participates in its deliberations and anti-piracy efforts. The Indian Navy also word-inmates and Shares operational information with other Navies under the Shared Awareness and De-Confliction (SHADEF) mechanism.
  • India supports determined action against the kingpins, financiers and facilitators of piracy through tracking of financial flows. A key issue India is the welfare and hostage in the custody of pirates.
  • Regarding Nuclear Disarmament: India remains steadfast in its Commitment to the goal of global, universal and non-discriminatory nuclear Disarmament, as outlined in the Rajiv Gandhi Action plan. India believe that unclear Disarmament can be achieved by a step by step process, non-disarmament nuclear disarmament in a verifiable manner. India is willing to engage in a meaningful dialogue among all the state possessing nuclear weapon to build trust and confidence and reduce the salience of nuclear weapons in international affairs and security doctrines India supports negotiations in the conference on Disarmament towards a universal, non-discriminatory and verifiable FMCT that bans the future production of fertile material for weapon purpose
  • Regarding climate change: In this India՚s Stand is that the global effort to address climate change must be anchored to the basic principles of equality and “Common but differentiated responsibility and Respective Capabilities.” As India it is the Smallest Carbon footprints in the words, its first and overriding priority is to pursue economic development, to alleviate poverty and to address its severe energy deficit.
  • Hence India՚s Condition is that inclusive structures of dialogue and cooperation to address the new dimensions of security threats are necessary, and India is trying to secure its vital national interest in that Spirit.