Anti-Smog Guns: Combating Delhi՚s Air Pollution-How It Works? Principle? Environment YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Anti-Smog Guns: Combating Delhi՚s Air Pollution - How It Works? Principle? Environment
  • Water Sprinkler
  • Anti-smog guns – truck mounted, portable, trolley, static
  • Smog tower
  • Air pollution control equipment
Water Sprinkler
  • In 2019, a health study revealed a catastrophic finding. The study claimed that over 100,000 children die a premature death due to air pollution. Air purifiers and indoor plants, Masks, are still not the solution.
  • Key things to looks at – horizontal rotating angle, elevation angle, water pump, water ring and material.

SMOG = Smoke + fog

  • Smog is formed by the particulate matter present in the atmosphere mainly ground level ozone and fine particles emitted through the fossil fuels from automobiles, factories and power plants.
  • This yellowish or blackish fog can also be described as the mixture of various gases, dust and vapours available in the atmosphere. It not only creates the haze or reduces the visibility but also becomes the root cause for many of the bronchial and heart problems as it makes breathing difficult.
  • When the atmospheric PM 2.5 and PM 10 standards of 35 micrograms per cubic metre and 150 micrograms per cubic metre respectively is raised to the increasing levels, it hampers in pollution increment.
  • Smog is formed when sunlight and its heat react with the gases and fine particles released into the atmosphere through burnt fuels. The complex photochemical reactions between the precursors like volatile organic compounds, Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides release the ground level ozone and fine particles in the air.
  • Smog is often dependent upon the temperature. When it is the time for the temperature inversion, wind gets calm and creates the situation for the smog to get trapped over the area for few days. It becomes more severe in the areas which are farther away from the source of pollutant release.

How Anti-Smog Gun Works?

Anti-Smog Gun Works
  • An anti-smog gun sprays atomized water into the atmosphere to settle dust and other suspended particles. It is connected to a water tank and mounted on a vehicle. It basically acts like rain to bring down suspended particles.
  • A smog gun can spray water up to a height of 50 metres to settle dust particles and PM 2.5.
  • Anti-smog gun can spray water upto the height of 150 feet with the capacity of 30 - 100 litres per minute to bring down the polluted particles from the atmosphere.