Bio Secure Restrata – UK Firm Bubble YouTube Lecture Handouts

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Bio Secure Bubble

  • A safe and secure environment that is isolated from the outside world to Minimise the risk of COVID-19 infection, a bio-bubble permits only authorised sports persons, support staff, and match officials to enter the protected area after testing negative for COVID-19.
  • ‘Bio secure bubbles’ in hotels, training sessions, matches and transportation
  • Additionally, different zones will be created for franchise team members, match officials, cricket operations teams, ground staff, broadcast teams, hotel staff, and security personnel. All must remain in their allotted zones. Medical teams — including Physico and masseurs units — are mandated to don PPE kits while meeting the players.
  • Teams are allowed to hold meetings outdoors to adhere to physical distancing norms. In fact, players will not be allowed to meet their families or friends until the tournament is over.

Restrata – UK Firm

Restrata – UK Firm
  • UK-based safety and technology firm, Restrata. Its software is COVID-19 regulations compliant, comprising a trio of tech we have seen mentioned on a quotidian basis: testing, contact tracing and Artificial Intelligence.
  • The company՚s software helped organizers monitor people working in specific zones, and check whether they adhered to physical distancing and capacity limits norms.
  • Contact tracing is broken down into three stages: contact identification, contact listing and contact follow-up, and recent technologies leverage Bluetooth (with a six-foot detection range) and Artificial Intelligence to automate this continuous data collection and processing, so that monitoring is detailed, seamless and in real-time. Often, wearables or an accreditation card will carry a chip-enabled GPS device to provide Restrata, IPL authorities and franchises detailed and live capability to track and trace individuals at all times.