What is Nano Urea? IFFCO Nano Urea YouTube Lecture Handouts

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What is Nano Urea? Science How It Works? World՚s 1st Nano Urea Liquid Plant in Gandhinagar

World՚s first Nano Urea Liquid plant in Gandhinagar

IFFCO Nano Urea is the only Nano fertilizer approved by the Government of India and included in the Fertilizer Control Order (FCO) .

  • It is developed and Patented by IFFCO.
  • Application of 1 bottle of Nano Urea can effectively replace at least 1 bag of Urea.
  • It has been tested on more than 90 crops across 11,000 locations in collaboration with ICAR- KVKs, Research Institutes, State Agriculture Universities and progressive farmers of India.
  • When sprayed on leaves, Nano Urea easily enters through stomata and other openings and is assimilated by the plant cells. It is easily distributed through the phloem from source to sink inside the plant as per its need. Unutilized nitrogen is stored in the plant vacuole and is slowly released for proper growth and development of the plant.
  • Small size (20 - 50 nm) of Nano Urea increases its availability to crop by more than 80 % .

world՚s first Nano Urea Liquid plant in Gandhinagar

  • The ultramodern Nano Fertilizer Plant has been set up keeping in mind the increase in crop yield through the use of Nano Urea. The plant will produce about 1.5 lakh 500-ml bottles daily.
  • India is the 2nd biggest consumer of fertilizers & 3rd biggest producer of fertilizer. 7 - 8 years ago, the majority of urea could not reach our farms and was destroyed due to black marketing. Urea factories were shut because of a lack of new technologies
  • India imports urea from abroad, in which a 50 kg bag of urea costs ₹ 3,500. But in the country, the same urea bag is given to farmers for only ₹ 300. Our govt bears a load of ₹ 3,200 on a bag of urea