National Emblems, Name of Parliament, Signs and Symbols, Archipelago

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National Emblems

Australia: Kangaroo

Canada: White Lily

France: Lily

India: Lioned Capitol

Italy: White Lily

Japan: Chrysanthemum

Pakistan: Crescent

Spain: Eagle

U. K. : Rose

U. S. A. : Golden Rod

Name of Parliament

Afghanistan: Shora

Britain: Parliament

Denmark: Folketing

Germany: Bundestag

India: Parliament

Iran: Majlis

Israel: Knesset

Japan: Diet

Malaysia: Majlis

Nepal: Panchayat

Netherlands: States General

Norway: Storting

Poland: Seym

Russia: Supreme Soviet

Spain: Crotes

Sweden: Riksdag

Taiwan: Yuan

U. S. A. : Congress

Signs and Symbols

Sun: Air India

Wheel (Chakra) : Progress

Red Triangle: Family Planning

Black Flag: Protest (or Flag flown at half mast National Mourning)

Red Cross: Hospital Medical Aid

Red Light: Traffic Sign “Stop”

Lotus: Culture & Civilization

White Flag: Truce

Olive Branch: Peace

Stars and Stripes: National Flag of U. S. A.

Tricolour: National Flag of India

Justice: A Blind-folded woman holding a balanced scale.

Union Jack: National flag of U. K.

Hammer & Sickle: National Flag of Russia

Highest - Biggest - Longest - Deepest - Largest - Smallest


Largest: Indonesia


Smallest State in Area (India) : Goa

Smallest Union Territory: Lakshadweep

Largest State in Area (India) : Madhya Pradesh

Largest City in Area (World) : London


Tallest Animal: Giraffe

Fastest Animal at short runs: Cheetah

Fastest Animal: The Peregrine Falcon

Largest existing Land animal: Elephant

Most Intelligent Animal: Chimpanzee

Most Cunning Animal: Fox

Largest Sea Animal: Blue Whale

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