Bell, Bird, Bridge, Building, Canal, Cave Temple, Church, City, Clock, Continent

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Largest Bell (World) : Greatest Bell of Moscow (Russia)


  • Largest Bird: Ostrich
  • Largest Sea-bird: Albatross
  • Fastest Bird: Swift
  • Flightless Bird: Swift
  • Smallest Bird: Humming Bird
  • Singing Bird: Nightingale


  • Longest Railway Bridge (India) Sone Bridge (Bihar)
  • Longest Steel Arch Bridge New River Gorge Bridge, 518.2 m long (West Virginia, USA)
  • Longest combined Highway: The Yangtze River Bridge
  • And Railway Bridge 6,772 m rail deck and 4,589 roads deck (Nanking, China)
  • Longest Railway BridgeHuey P. Long Bridge, 7009 m (Metairie, Louisiana, USA)
  • Highest Road Bridge Bailey Bridge built by the Indian Army, 30m long at an altitude of 5600 m (Khardungia , Ladakh)
  • Highest River Bridge Royal Gorge, 321 m above sea level on the river Arkansas, 268 m long, Colorado.
  • Highest Railway Bridge Fades Bridge on river Sioule 144 m long and 132.5 m above the river. (Clermont Ferrand, France)


Tallest Bank Building Bank of Montreal, 72, Storeys, 284.98 m high (Toronto, Canada)


  • Longest Canal (India) : Saradha Canal (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Longest Big Ship Canal (World) Suez Canal (Egypt) 160 km
  • Longest Small Ship Canal Beloye (White Sea) Baltic Canal (CIS) 226 km long.

Cave Temple

Largest Cave Temple (India) : Ellora (Maharashtra)


Largest Church (World) : St. Peter՚s Church, Vatican City (Italy)


  • Highly Populated City (India) : Mumbai (Maharashtra)
  • Oldest City (India) : Kolkata
  • Highest City (World) : Wenchuan (China) 5,100 metres above sea level
  • Highest Capital: Lhasa (3,684 metres above sea level)
  • Largest City in Population (World) : Shanghai (China)
  • Costliest City (World) : London


Biggest Clock (World) : Big Ben (London)


Largest Continent: Asia

Smallest Continent: Australia


Largest Corridor (World) Rameswaram Temple


  • Largest in Population China followed by India
  • Largest in Area Russia
  • Largest Electorate India


Largest Creature Blue Whale. It can grow up to a weight of 150 tonnes.


  • Longest Dam (India) Hirakud Dam on the river Mahanadi - Orissa
  • Highest Dam (World) the Grande (Switzerland)
  • Highest Straight Bhakra Nangal on river Sutlej

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