RBI Grade B (NRA) Exam: Fields of Scientific Studies O

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Fields of Scientific Study: O

  • Obstetrics: Study of midwifery
  • Oceanography: Study of oceans
  • Oceanology: Study of oceans
  • Odology: Science of the hypothetical mystical force of od
  • Odontology: Study of teeth
  • Oenology: Study of wines
  • Oikology: Science of housekeeping
  • Olfactology: Study of the sense of smell
  • Ombrology: Study of rain
  • Oncology: Study of tumours
  • Oneirology: Study of dreams
  • Orthography: Study of spelling
  • Orthopterology: Study of cockroaches
  • Oryctology: Mineralogy or paleontology
  • Osmics: Scientific study of smells
  • Osmology: Study of smells and olfactory processes
  • Osphresiology: Study of the sense of smell
  • Osteology: Study of bones
  • Otology: Study of the ear
  • Otorhinolaryngology: Study of ear, nose and throat

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