Indian Climate & Terrain for RBI Grade B (NRA) Exam

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Climate of India

It varies from the Tropical monsoon in south India to temperate in north India. India is such a vast country that the climate varies considerably.

While the heat is unbearable in the Gangetic plain, the people of Ladakh shiver in the snowy cold. The Indian year passes through four seasons. Winter lasts from December to February, and summer from March to May. The rainy season of Southwest monsoon is from June to November.

The post monsoon season, which is North East Monsoon in South India, is in October and November.

The most pleasant weather in India lasts from June to November.

There is a heavy rainfall in Northeaster region, the western slopes of the Western Ghats and parts of the Himalayas during the year. On the other hands, there is hardly any rainfall in Rajasthan, Kutch, and Laddakh. There is medium or average rainfall in other of parts of the country.

Indian Terrain

Upland plain (Deccan Plateau) in south India, flat to rolling plain along the Ganges, deserts in western region of India, Himalayas in northern region. India is a vast country covering an area of 32,87, 782 sq. km. The Himalayas, stretching from east to west in the north, from the northern boundary.

The mighty mountain ranges separate India from China and Nepal. Where the Himalayan ranges end, there begin the great northern plains, are flat. They are drained by a number of rivers, the Ganga being the most important of them all. The Brahmaputra is another major north Indian River. The Indus (Sindh) flows in the north-west direction. The Deccan plateaus, south of the plains, have ranges of hills along the eastern and western coasts of the peninsula.

The Krishna and the Godavari are the major rivers of the south. There are ranges of hills even in the north-east. In the west the plains of the Punjab merge into the Thar Desert. That is why India has rich variety of landscapes and climates

Climate of India

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