RBI Grade B (NRA) Exam: Grammar Sentence Correction (Practice_Test 10 of 10)

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  1. Jessica Mitford wrote The American Way of Death, a best-selling book, that led eventually to an official investigation of the funeral industry.
    1. that led eventually
    2. that had led eventually
    3. that eventually led
    4. which led eventually
    5. who eventually led

    Answer: d

  2. Sabotage came from the French saboter, which means to clatter with wooden shoes (sabots) .
    1. which means to
    2. which means, to
    3. that means to
    4. that means-to
    5. that means, to

    Answer: a

  3. If the books have been cataloged last week, why haven՚t they been placed on the shelf?
    1. have been cataloged
    2. would have been cataloged
    3. was cataloged
    4. were cataloged
    5. had been cataloged

    Answer: d

  4. In studying an assignment it is wise to read it over quickly at first, than see the major points, and finally outline the material.
    1. first, than
    2. first: Then
    3. first-then
    4. first, then
    5. first-than

    Answer: d

  5. To judge the Tidy City contest, we picked an uninterested party.
    1. picked an uninterested party.
    2. picked an interested party!
    3. picked a disinterested party.
    4. are in the process of picking an uninterested party.
    5. picked an disinterested party.

    Answer: c

  6. Linda decides they had better scram before the killers find them.
    1. had better scram
    2. had better leave
    3. should hurry and scram
    4. could hurry and leave
    5. had better get out

    Answer: b

  7. I really dug the character of Brutus.
    1. dug
    2. thought about
    3. thought of
    4. admired
    5. gazed at

    Answer: d

  8. Once upon a point a time, a small person named Little Red Riding Hood initated plans for the preparation, delivery and transportation of foodstuffs to her Grandmother.
    1. and transportation of foodstuffs to her Grandmother.
    2. and transportation of food stuffs to her Grandmother.
    3. and transportation of food supplies to her Grandmother.
    4. and transportation of foodstuffs to her grandmother.
    5. and, transportation of food supplies to her grand mother.

    Answer: d

  9. The setting of a story effects the story՚s plot.
    1. effects the story՚s plot
    2. effects the stories plot
    3. affect the story՚s plot
    4. affects the story՚s plot
    5. affects the story՚s plots

    Answer: d

  10. Arctic trees are scrubbiest than trees in milder climates.
    1. scrubbiest than trees
    2. scrubbier then trees
    3. scrubbiest than are trees
    4. scrubbier than are trees
    5. scrubbier than trees

    Answer: e

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