RBI Grade B (NRA) Exam: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 31 of 31)

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  1. Alpha gave a ________ performance in the final; the spectators were treated to a display of his ________ abilities on the court.
    1. stupendous-inconsolable
    2. consummate-peerless
    3. disappointing-incomparable
    4. competent-waning
    5. stellar-limited
  2. The critics ________ remarks helped us to understand the implications of this ________ film, a film that was really ground-breaking in its approach.
    1. instructive-pedestrian
    2. polemical-provocative
    3. pertinent-avant-garde
    4. unwarranted-conservative
    5. helpful-innocuous
  3. The alpha films that she watched when young left a (n) ________ impression on Suzie, and she now has a ________ appetite for reading anything remotely related to Chaplin՚s life and works.
    1. overwhelming-blunted
    2. forcible-terrible
    3. negative-sharpened
    4. indelible-voracious
    5. evanescent-reduced
  4. The lawyer was ________ for conduct that was in complete violation of legal procedures: He was found to have ________ a member of jury.
    1. reprimanded-observed
    2. disbarred-suborned
    3. expelled-questioned
    4. commended-mislead
    5. disqualified-rejected
  5. The management had to admit to clandestine activities when the union leader was able to supply ________ evidence that an agitator had been planted among the members in order to ________ trouble and discredit the union.
    1. egregious-avert
    2. undeniable-mollify
    3. circumstantial-prevent
    4. unsubstantiated-instigate
    5. incontrovertible-foment

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