Syllabus for the RBI Grade B exam 2020

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Detailed Syllabus of RBI Grade B Prelims 2017 (Phase I)

  • Current Affairs – National & International News, Awards & Authors, Sports News, Summits & Conferences, Schemes, Agreement & Deals, Science & technology etc.

  • Banking & Financial + Economic News– Banking Terminology, Banking & Economic news, monetary policies, Current rates, Financial & Economics News, Economics terms, etc.

Static GK – Static GK – Mountains Rivers, Ports, Parks, Dam, Thermal Power Plants, Temples, Stadiums, Airports, etc.

English Language syllabus for RBI Grade B:

Level of English Language section expected to be moderate.

Given is the list of important topics and questions to be asked from them-

  • Spotting Error – 5 Questions (Moderate Level)

  • Reading Comprehension (R.C) – 10 Questions (Lengthy) based on Banking & Economy

  • Cloze Test – 10 Questions (Moderate Level)

  • Para jumbles (6-7 sentences) – 5 Questions (Moderate Level)

Reasoning Ability Syllabus for RBI Grade B:

The overall level of this section is expected to be Moderate. Questions will be asked from following -

  • Puzzle Test – (Tough Level)

  • Seating Arrangement (Circular) (Inside Outside) Blood Relation based – (Tough Level)

  • Linear Arrangement – (Moderate Level)

  • Syllogism (Moderate Level)

  • Input-Output – (Tough Level)

  • Logical / Analytical Reasoning – (Tough Level)

  • Data Sufficiency – (Moderate Level) mostly on the seating arrangement

  • Inequality – (Moderate Level)

  • Coding Decoding – (Moderate Level)

RBI Grade B Mains Syllabus (Phase II)

Economic and Social Issues:

Economic Issues

1. Inflation

2. Poor educational standards

3. Poor Infrastructure

4. The balance of Payments deterioration.

5. High levels of private debt

6. Inequality has risen rather than decreased.

7. Large Budget Deficit

8. Rigid labor Laws

9. Inefficient agriculture

10. Slowdown in growth

Social Issues:

1. Poverty

2. Illiteracy

3. Child Marriage

4. Child Labour

5. Casteism, Communalism, Regionalism and Language Conflicts

English (Writing Skills) -

This Descriptive paper of English is conducted to judge the writing skills of the candidate.

Finance and Management

This paper cover all important topics of Finance and management.

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