IBPS RRB Officers Selection Exam: Computer Terminology G to H

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Gif (Graphic Interchange Format)Pronounced β€œGIF” A simple file format for pictures and photographs that are compressed so they can be sent quickly. Widely used on electronic bulletin boards and the Internet, but cannot be used for high-end desktop publishing (See JPG) .
GigabyteApproximately a billion bytes (or 1,000 megabytes) .
Gigahertz (GHZ)A billion machine cycles per second.
GraphicImages/pictures created, edited, and/or published using a computer
Graphical User InterfaceThe use of graphical symbols instead of text commands to control common computer functions such as copying programs and disks.
HackerAn unauthorized person who secretly gains access to computer files
Hard CopyA printed copy of computer output.
Hard diskAn internal disk, a metal platter coated with magnetic oxide that can be magnetized to hold documents, applications, or software. A fixed, large-capacity magnetic storage medium for computer data.
HardcopyOutput produced by a printer. Output from a computer that is β€œhard” i.e.. . You can touch
HardwareThe physical components of the computer and any equipment connected to it. Pieces of the computer that you can touch.
Highlight or SelectTo choose part of a document by clicking and dragging over it with the mouse to highlight the text; text must be selected to make changes in formatting.
HoaxA computer virus that is intended to scare users into thinking they really do have a virus
Home PageAn introductory screen on a web site, used to welcome visitors. A home page can include special text or graphics on which you click to jump to related information on other pages on the Web
HomeRow Keys on the keyboard from which all keystrokes are made. Fingers of the left hand are on ASDF and fingers on the right hand are on JKL
HostHost computers are associated with computer networks, online services, or bulletin board systems. They are usually name given to a computer that directly connects the rest of a network to the Internet.
Hyperlink or HypertextSpecial text when clicked jumps the user from their current location to another page or topic.