IBPS RRB Officers Selection Exam: Computer Terminology K to L

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KeyboardThe hardware device used to enter letters into the computer (input device) .
KeywordA word or reference point to describe content on a web page that search engines use to properly index the page
LabelOne of the three types of data you can put in a spreadsheet cell. A label is words or text that the user need to read to understanding the meaning of the numbers.
LandscapeThe page setup the permits a document to be printed in a horizontal position.
LaptopA portable computer that can be taken with your where ever you to:
Laser PrinterA printer that uses both laser and photographic technology to produce high quality output.
LicensesSpecial agreements in copyrighted programs that spell out what you can and cannot to with the software you purchased, and how many computers you may put the software on:
Line spacingThe span between lines of text (i.e.. . Double Space, single space 1.5 spaces)
LinearMoving in a straight line or path; a multimedia presentation that moves in a straight line from image to image (i.e.. . PowerPoint presentations) See NON-linear
LinksConnections that bridge one image, page, or word to another by clicking on a highlighted word or phrase