IBPS RRB Officers Selection Exam Why Do We Use Computers?

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This similar to asking why do we use cars? But too many people and organizations purchase and use Computers for the wrong reasons. Computers are practical tools to be used in helping you get results.

Computers are needed where:

  1. There is a need for a more accurate and cost effective knowledge to assist decision making. Success and progress is now being determined by your access to information and how you use that information to get results.
  2. It is impossible to get results due to either time constraint or sheer magnitude of work involved.
  3. It will reduce the mental and physical effort in tackling certain tasks.
  4. There is intense competition and there is a need for cost efficiency through the elimination and reduction of inefficient practices.
  5. There is a need to assist in enhancing Customer service.
  6. There is a need for correct forecasting of market trends to ensure business survival.

Computer Applications

Due to technological developments, Computers are now used in virtually all spheres of life. Here are a few of the application areas:

  • Science & Technology (S&T) : Computers are used in S&T to promote advances that could be useful to mankind, i.e.. . Discovering better and more efficient ways of doing things. They are especially useful for humanly intractable calculations and simulation experiments. This is especially critical in situations where it would be too risky or expensive to directly carry out the required operation. For example, in Space exploration, underwater exploration, testing of new drugs, etc. Computers enable S&T professionals can carry out their practical procedures using faster, more accurate and safer methods.
  • Education: Computers are useful for promoting learning experiences. From the toddler to the full grown adult, educational Computer tools are available. Computers are useful for learning about Computers and learning about other subjects, i.e.. . Using Computer Assisted Learning software. Learning is usually interactive and can be reinforced over and over:
  • For children, the advent of Multimedia, has made learning fun. They often don՚t realize it when they՚re playing that they are also learning.
  • Banking & Finance: Computers are very useful for handling financial transactions, most especially the storage and processing of huge amounts of information kept by financial institutions. Computers enhances Customer service, through the provision of upto date and timely information for their Customers.
  • Computers additionally assist with the monitoring of operational costs, to ensure cost effectiveness and profitability of operations. In some financial institutions, Computers are used to identify trends and provide timely information for present and future management decision making.
  • Recreation: On your average PC, you can play a variety of games. You know what they say about Jack. With the games, you could be the sole player, play against the Computer or you and a friend could play against each other.
  • Security: Computers are useful for storing information about crimes, criminals and suspects. This can be very useful in Crime detection and prevention. Such systems can be interfaced with photograph capturing and fingerprint systems. They can also be linked to mobile radio communication systems over a wide area to enable in the fast and efficient sharing of information on Criminal activities. Such systems would possess enquiry facility for historical and analytic purposes.
  • There so many other areas where the impact of the Computer is being felt such as Medicine, Law, Sports, Entertainment, Media, Building, Construction, etc.