Pair of Words: Meaning and Sentence from Discrete to Dissolute

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List of Pair of Words: D


Meaning: separate and distinct.

Sentence: These are discrete projects, and their funding records should be kept separate.


Meaning: careful and prudent in one՚s speech or actions, especially in order to keep something confidential.

Sentence: Discreet silence over the matter.


Meaning: not behaving or working normally

Sentence: The craftsman is likely to seem dysfunctional in a culture of innovation and change.


Meaning: to be not like something or someone else, either physically or in another way

Sentence: The twins look alike, but they differ in temperament.


Meaning: to delay something until a later time; to postpone

Sentence: My bank has agreed to defer the repayments on my loan while I՚m still a student.


Meaning: to question someone in detail about work they have done for you Sentence: The pilots were thoroughly debriefed after every mission.


Meaning: with two parts, or combining two things

Sentence: This room has a dual purpose, serving as both a study and a dining room.


Meaning: a formal fight in the past, using guns or swords, arranged between two people as a way of deciding an argument

Sentence: The composer Strauss was once challenged to a duel.


Meaning: to reach an answer or a decision by thinking carefully about the known facts

Sentence: We cannot deduce very much from these figures.

Differ From

Meaning: to be not like something or someone else, either physically or in another way

Sentence: His views differ considerably from those of his parents.

Differ With

Meaning: to disagree

Sentence: I beg to differ with you on that point.


Meaning: Unable to find in dictionaries

Sentence: Unable to find in dictionaries


Meaning: to cause someone to become less respected

Sentence: The entire family was demeaned by his behavior.


Meaning: when someone believes something that is not true

Sentence: he՚s under the delusion that he will be promoted this year.


Meaning: To conceal one՚s true feelings or intentions.

Sentence: As an actress she had been trained to dissimulate, so she had no trouble hiding her true feelings offstage as well.


Meaning: clearly noticeable; that certainly exists

Sentence: there՚s a distinct smell of cigarettes in here.


Meaning: Something that is distinctive is easy to recognize because it is different from other things

Sentence: She՚s got a very distinctive voice.


Meaning: to not approve of something

Sentence: We deprecate this use of company funds for political purposes.


Meaning: to (cause something to) lose value, especially over time

Sentence: Our car depreciated by $ 1500 in the first year we owned it.


Meaning: to lower in rank or status Sentence: He likes to degrade people by calling them embarrassing names.


Meaning: to say that someone or something is not good or important Sentence: You shouldn՚t denigrate people just because they have different beliefs from you.


Meaning: an official statement that something must happen

Sentence: More than 200 people were freed by military decree.


Meaning: amount or level of something

Sentence: This job demands a high degree of skill.


Meaning: describes a place that is empty and not attractive

Sentence: The house stood in a bleak and desolate landscape.


Meaning: immoral

Sentence: He led a dissolute life.