Pair of Words: Meaning and Sentence from Epic to Envelop, Envelope

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List of Pair of Words: E


Meaning: An epic is a story or long poem telling the tale of a fictional or historical hero.

Sentence: Epic tale that favors the bizarre.


Meaning: a period of time considered in terms of noteworthy and characteristic events, developments, persons, etc.

Sentence: Epoch of the final decline of democracy.


Meaning: Unable to find this word in dictionaries

Sentence: An eue passed in his life which made him dull for a year.


Meaning: difficult to describe, find, achieve or remember

Sentence: The answers to these questions remain as elusive as ever.


Meaning: a person who emigrates

Sentence: There was only a small number of emigrants on board.


Meaning: to leave a country permanently and go to live in another one

Sentence: Millions of Germans emigrated from Europe to America in the nineteenth century.


Meaning: to wish that you had something that another person has

Sentence: I envy her ability to talk to people she՚s never met before.


Meaning: a thing that flows out or forth

Sentence: How can Reef Entertainment justify releasing this effluence on the general public?


Meaning: a word or phrase used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word Sentence: ‘Senior citizen’ is a euphemism for ‘old person’ .


Meaning: Affected elegance of language. Sentence: Euphuistic style has been used in many of his writings.


Meaning: to make someone have strong feelings of happiness and enthusiasm Sentence: Nothing about my life excites me at present.


Meaning: much greater than usual, especially in skill, intelligence, quality, etc. Sentence: The Company has shown exceptional growth over the past two years.


Meaning: offensive or upsetting

Sentence: This action is normally only taken in exceptionable circumstances.


Meaning: attempt/a short piece of writing on a particular subject

Sentence: The Diploma is assessed by three essays of 3,000 words each.


Meaning: to cover or surround something completely

Sentence: The graveyard looked ghostly, enveloped in mist.


Meaning: a flat, usually square or rectangular, paper container for a letter Sentence: A stamped, addressed envelope should be enclosed for reply.