Reading Comprehension Sample Questions: Most Important for IBPS RRB Officers Selection Exam-2022

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Based on the passage answer the following questions:

One of the most significant writers of English Literature, Geoffrey Chaucer, paved way for an era of difference and novelty in the writing styles in the second half of the 14th century. He had in his life time, the rare opportunity of living through the reigns of three English monarchs: Edward III, Richard II and Henry IV respectively. His writings are a combination of humor with seriousness and philosophical questions. He was the first great national poet. His writings can be distinguished on the basis of different influences including French, Latin and English.


1. Who is considered as The Father of English Literature?

Ans: Chaucer.

2. Between which years did Chaucer live?

Ans: 1340 - 1400

3. An unfinished work of Chaucer:

The Canterbury Tales

4. In the Canterbury Tales, what is the name of the inn where the pilgrims meet?

Ans: Tabard Inn

5. Which is the first of The Canterbury Tales?

Ans: The Knight՚s Tale

6. Chaucer served the English army under which king?

Ans: Edward III

7. What is the name of the elegy written by Chaucer mourning the death of Blanche of Lancaster?

Ans: The Book of the Duchess

8. Which of Chaucer՚s works is related to Valentine՚s Day?

Ans: The Parliament of Foules

9. What part time job did Chaucer once held?

Ans: Collector of scrap metals

10. What type of rhyme was invented by Chaucer?

Ans: Rhyme Royal

11. Who is known as The Morning Star of Renaissance?

Ans: Chaucer

12. When did Chaucer die?

Ans: 1400