IBPS RRB Officers Selection Exam: Word List: Vocabulary N

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Word List: N

  • nadir: Lowest, weakest point
  • nascent: Coming into existence, emerging
  • nebulous: Cloud-like; hazy; vague; indistinct
  • negligent: Taking too little care
  • neophyte: Person who has been converted to a belief
  • nexus: a connection, tie, or link
  • nibble: Show some inclination to accept (an offer)
  • nice: Precise, sensitive to subtleness
  • noisome: Offensive, disgusting (smell)
  • nonchalant: Not having interest
  • nonplused: Greatly surprised
  • nostrum: a quack remedy, an untested cure
  • notion: Nominal, token
  • noxious: Harmful
  • nullify: Make void and null
  • numb: Without ability to feel or move
  • numbness: Without ability to move a finger
  • nadir: The lowest point.
  • nefarious: Wicked in the extreme.
  • negligent: Apt to omit what ought to be done.
  • neophyte: Having the character of a beginner.
  • noisome: Very offensive, particularly to the sense of smell.
  • nostrum: Any scheme or recipe of a charlatan character.
  • noxious: Hurtful.
  • nugatory: Having no power or force.