IBPS RRB Officers Selection Exam: Word List: Vocabulary U

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Word List: U

  • ulterior: Situated beyond
  • umbrage: Offense, resentment
  • uncouth: Rough, awkward
  • underbid: Make a lower bid then smb else
  • undermine: Weaken gradually, at the base, make smth under
  • undulate: To move in wavelike fashion, fluctuate
  • unencumbered: Easy-going, trifle
  • unfeigned-not pretended, sincere
  • unscathed: Unharmed, unhurt
  • untoward: Unfortunate, inconvenient
  • upbraid: Scold, reproach
  • urbane: Elegant, refined in manners
  • ubiquitous: Being present everywhere.
  • ulterior: Not so pertinent as something else to the matter spoken of. Umbrage: A sense of injury. Unctuous: Oily.
  • undermine: To subvert in an underhand way. Undulate: To move like a wave or in waves. Untoward: Causing annoyance or hindrance. Upbraid: To reproach as deserving blame.