Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Acclaim, Accolade to Arbitrary

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Acclaim (Verb)

Meaning: praise; applaud

Also used as: Acclaim, acclamation (nouns) (don՚t confuse with “acclimation,” which is the process of becoming adjusted to a new situation.)

Example: Mark Twain was a highly acclaimed author and lecturer.

Accolade (Noun)

Meaning: an award, or praise

The film received accolades from both the critics and the general public.


Meaning: adj- refusing to change; stubborn, unyielding

Also used as: Other form: asmantly (adv)

Example: She was adamant that her son be home by midnight.


Meaning: adj – theoretical; not concrete cannot sec, touch only feel love, honesty

Also used as: Abstraction (noun)

Example: Advanced algebra is too abstract for most people.


Meaning: verb- support; plead for speak on behalf of

Also used as: Advocate, advocacy (nouns)

Example: Lawyers advocate for their clients.


Meaning: noun – position statement; assertion; agreement

Also used as: Affirm (verb) ; affirmative (adj) ; affirmatively (adv)

The prime minister saw her re-election as an affirmation of her policies.


Meaning: Verb- to push someone away, or cause him to separate from people

Also used as: Alien, alienation (nouns)

Example: People who think they know everything often alienate their friends.


Meaning: adj – detached; a part, indifferent, ignorment

Example: He always sat alone so people assumed he was aloof.


Meaning: adj – similar

Also used as: Analogy (noun)

Example: A camera՚s is analogous to the pupil of the eye.


Meaning: noun- indecision; feeling of being pulled in two directions

The house had been in the family for generations, so they were ambivalent about selling it


Meaning: noun – a lack of order; chaos, norulez

Also used as: Anarchist (noun)

Example: without laws and rules, there would be anarchy everywhere.


Meaning: adj- selected by random choice and without solid reason

Also used as: Arbitrarily (adv)

Your selection of a seat in a nearly empty theater is somewhat arbitrary.