Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Arrogant, Augment to Ameliorate

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Meaning: adj- acting superior, obnoxious, smug, or rude

Also used as: Arrogance (noun) O; arrogantly (adv)

The trick is to be self-confident without being arrogant


Meaning: verb – make larger; increase look like: Aug. mint

Also used as: Augmentation (noun)

Phyllis decided to augment her income by taking a second job.


adj- stern; plain; without luxuries

Also used as: Austerity (noun) ; austerely (adv)

The dentist austere waiting room made children even more nervous.


noun -top; highest point; summit

It took the mountain- climbers four days to reach the apex.


adj-feeling repelled; wanting to avoid

Note: don՚t confuse with “adverse” , which means unfavorable. Strong rains may produce adverse conditions for golf. A golfer may be averse, to playing in the rain.

She was averse to having such a large party at her house.


adj- taking place under promising conditions; likely to succeed

Also used as: Auspiciousness (noun) ; auspiciously (adv)

It was an auspicious beginning to the playoffs when the team won the first two games.


adj- reluctantly agreeable; compliant (used for behavior)

Also used as: Acquiesce (verb) ; acquiescence (noun)

Some employers insist on acquiescence and will fire anyone who rebels.


adj- skillful in physical activity, or in handling difficult situations

Also used as: Adroitness (noun) ; adroitly (adv)

Her adroitness on the balance beam stunned the crowd.


adj- unselfish; caring altruism (noun)

Most religions teach them altruism is good.


adj- friendly; easygoing

Also used as: Affability (noun) ; affably (adv)

Most television news anchors appear to be affable, at least on the air.


adj- unclear; vague; having several possible interpretations

Also used as: Ambiguity (noun) ; ambiguously (adv)

When questioned by police, the suspect gave ambiguous answers.


verb- to make an unpleasant situation better; to improve

Also used as: Amelioration (noun)

The terrible working conditions were ameliorated only by her friendly co- workers.