Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Appease, Arcane to Astute, Avarice

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verb- calm; pacify

Also used as: Appeasement- noun

Management tried to appease the strikers with a small salary increase.


adj- secret; mysterious

The walls of the pyramid were covered with arcane symbols.


adj- antiquated

Many words and expressions used in the nineteenth century seem archaic to us now.


noun- domination; controlling power

Also used as: Ascendant- adj; ascendancy- noun

The dictator՚s ascendance to power was sudden and unstoppable.


adj- able to speak Cleary and effectively

Also used as: Articulation- noun, articulate- verb

To be effective a preacher must be articulate.


noun- person who rejects physical comfort and luxury for self discipline.

Also used as: Ascetic- adj; asceticism- noun; ascetically- adv

Some religious leaders of the past believed the life of an ascetic led to spiritual growth.


adj- roughness; harshness; irritability

Also used as: Aspersion- noun- a defaming remark

No, matter how comfortable everyone encounters asperity at some time.


verb- attack with words or force

Also used as: Assailable-adj; assailant- noun

The university president was assailed for his apparently racist remarks.


adj- persistent; hard working; diligent; attentive to detail

Also used as: Assiduousness- noun; assiduously- adv

Re-opening an old murder case requires the investigator to be assiduous.


verb- relieve; ease; pacify

Also used as: Assuagement- noun

Marvin bought his wife a DVD player to assuage her anger over his remark about to cake.


adj- wise; insightfully clever; shrewd

Also used as: Astutely- adv; astuteness- noun

Carol has an astute business sense.


noun- greed

Also used as: Avaricious- adj

Success can lead to either great generosity or avarice.