Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Circumscribe (Verb) to Conviction

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Circumscribe (Verb)

Meaning: draw a line around; define limits; confine; restrict

Also used as: Circumscribable (adj) ; circumscribed (noun)

Note: The prefix “circum” means “around” . Think about the following words and up look up the ones you don՚t know: circumcise, circumference, circumlocution, circumnavigate, circumspect, circumvent

The, movements of a fish in an aquarium are circumscribed by the size of the tank.

Circumspect (Adj)

Meaning: cautious – careful to avoid possible problems of damage

Also used as: Circumspectly (adv) ; circumspection (noun)

In some situations, it՚s wiser to be circumspect rather than bold


Meaning: verb – squeeze together; shrink

Also used as: Contraction (noun) ; contractible (adj)

Example: most matter contracts when it freezes; however, water expands.


Meaning: verb – move together to meet at a common point

Also used as: Convergence (noun) ; convergent (adj)

Parallel lines never converge


Meaning: adj- burning, either with chemicals or sarcasm, tent to hurt people

The teacher՚s caustic criticism embarrassed his student.


Meaning: adj- dependent upon other circumstances; conditional

Also used as: Contingency (noun) ; contingently (adv)

His release from jail was contingent upon his promise to


verb- unite; grow together

Also used as: Coalescent (adj) ; coalescence (noun)

Astronomers believe stars coalesce from huge clouds of gas


adj- in large quantity; abundant

Also used as: Cornucopia

It was a lavish party with copious food and drink.


adj – self-satisfied; unconcerned (positive)

Facing a less talented opponent, it՚s easy to grow complacent and blow a big game.


adj- following someone else՚s demands; conforming; obeying

Also used as: Compliance (noun) ; comply (verb)

Employs who are domineering usually try to hire compliant people


noun- an opinion that is strongly held-

Also used as: Convicted (adj)

Betty held to her convictions, despite the pressure from her colleagues.