Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Concise, Concede to Composure

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adj- short and to the point; terse

Also used as: Conciseness (noun) ; concisely (adv)

Phil read the concise note from his wife: Leave. Now ″


verb- admit reluctantly; yield Try to agree but not willingly

Note: A concession speech is one in which the loser of an election reluctantly admits that his or her opponent has won.

The boss had to concede that it was his assistant՚s idea.


verb- to force someone by threatening or physically overpowering him with threats of physical harm, verbal abuse, isolation, double shifts in the mess hall, and court-martial.

Also used as: Coercion (noun) ; coercive (adj) ; coercively (adv)

Steve tried to coerce his younger brother into mowing the lawn.


adj- friendly; welcoming; gracious

Also used as: Cordiality (noun) ; cordially (adv)

we՚d heard she was a grouch, so we were surprised by her cordial welcome.


noun- requirements or standards used to make a decision

Also used as: Criterion (singular)

There must be many criteria for selecting astronauts, who will travel to Mars.


verb- to complete or make whole

Also used as: Consummation (noun) ; consummate (adj)

Note: as an adjective, “consummate”

(kon- soo- met) means “perfect” or “highly-skilled” .

They consummated the successful meeting with lavish banquets.


verb- to argue a point or position; or to struggle for the fight

Also used as: Contention (noun) ; contentious (adj)

The drive tried to count end that the stop sign was hidden by the tree.


verb- support with evidence; tell the same story; confirm

Also used as: Corroboration (noun) ; corroborative (adj)

Note: this word is usually used to describe courtroom testimony or evidence. don՚t confuse it with collaborate, which means to work together (co-labor) .

Example: Scientists continue to find evidence that corroborates Einstein՚s theories.


adj- hidden; secret; mysterious

The direction on the map cryptic, which may be why nobody has found the treasure.


alienated (noun) - secluded or isolated from the outside world; also; a place of seclusion

During the trial, the jury remained cloistered in a motel.


noun- calmness; equanimity

Also used as: Compose (verb)

The tried to maintain her composure as the wedding cake fell onto the dance floor.