Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Convivial, Corporeal to Concur

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adj- fond of parties; sociable

Also used as: Conviviality- noun; convivially-adv

It can stressful when one member of a couple is convivial and the other is a loner.


adj- having to do with the body or the body or the physical world

Also used as: Corporealness- noun; corporeally (adv)

Corporation a body of people corpse a dead body and corpulent having a large, overweight body

If there are ghosts how do they intersect with the corporeal world?


Adj- guilty; blameworthy

Culpability hard, making a gulp sound.

Also used as: Culpability- noun, culpably – adv


He was found to be culpable and was fined.


noun- greed especially for money

The burglar returned to the house for more, and his cupidity is what got him caught.


adj- quickly and incompletely done; superficial

Pressed for time the captain conducted a cursory inspection.


verb- to feel with flattery or false promises; coax; deceive

Also used as: Cajolery, carjolement- nouns

The scam artist cajoled them out of their money


noun- honesty; frankness

Also used as: Candid- adj; candidly-adv

Political candor is refreshing.


adj-large; roomy; spacious

Also used as: Capaciousness- noun; capaciously-adv

He needed a capacious apartment for his stuffed moose collection.


verb- to criticize

Also used as: Censorious-adj; censoriously- adv

Note: don՚t confuse with censor which means to delete objectionable material.

The newspaper editorial censured the governor for her budget proposals.


noun- mercy

Also used as: Clement- adj

The remorseful defendant begged the judge for clemency.


verb- agree

Also used as: Concurrence- noun

Scientists do not concur on what caused the dinosaurs to die out.