Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Diverse, Daunted to Deprecate, Deride

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adj- various; different

Also used as: Diversity (noun)

Many colleges are looking for well-rounded applicants with diverse experiences.


adj- dismayed; disheartened; discouraged (made less courageous) lack of confidence so they

Also used as: Daunt (verb) ; dauntless (adj) ; dauntlessly (adv)

Reaching the South Pole was a daunting challenge for many explorers.


verb- criticize; condemn

Also used as: Denunciation (noun)

The president denounced the actions of country՚s closed ally


verb- to express regret or disapproval; complain; criticize

Also used as: Deplorable (adj)

Visitors deplored the conditions in which local residents were living.


adj- poor; lacking possessions

Also used as: Destitution (noun)

In order to qualify for the scholarship, you had to be almost destitute.


noun- tyrant

Look like: Desk pot, cruel ruler

Also used as: Despotism (noun) ; despotic (adj)

After assuming control, he turned into a despot.


adj- causing lateness; stalling

Looks like: delay story

Note: you can almost see the words delay and late in the word.

His dilatory actions caused them to miss their plane.

Also used as: Dilatorily (adv)


verb- to disagree, especially with the majority or with an authority

Also used as: Dissent, dissension (nouns)

Totalitarian forms of government do not tolerate much dissent among their citizens.


noun- the act of yielding to someone else out of respect.

Also used as: Defer-verb; deferential – adj.

In deference to his boss, Milton refused to take credit for the discovery.


verb- disapprove; belittle

Note: don՚t confuse this word with “depreciate” which has to do with lowering the value of something.

People liked his sew deprecating sense of humor.


verb- make fun of, ridicule

Lasted was derided every day at work for his unusual taste in clothes.