Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Extol, Elated to Eloquence, Endemic

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verb- praise acclaim, accolade

Also used as: Extolment (noun)

The writer was extolled for her creativity.


adj- extremely happy; overjoyed

Also used as: Elation (noun)

Uncle Frank was elated about winning the lottery


verb- imitate

Also used as: Emulation (noun)

As young boys we tried to emulate our favorite baseball players.


adj – unpredictable; disserting from what is normal or expected

Also used as: Erratically (adv)

Note: don՚t confuse with “erotic” which has to do with sex.

The sleepy man was driving erratically.


verb – remove completely and permanently; exterminate

Also used as: Eradication (noun) ; eradicable (adj)

Lisa worked hard to eradicate all evidence that her ex-husband had ever lived with her.


verb- intensify; improve

Also used as: Enhancement (noun)

A coat of paint can greatly enhance the appearance of a room.


ad – diffident from most, especially in personality or behavior

Also used as: Eccentricity (noun)

Alice was eccentric, but everyone loved her odd ways.


verb- erase

Note: don՚t confuse with deface which means to mar or disfigure.

All signs of poverty and suffering were effaced before the queen՚s visit.


noun- the quality of being or full of life

Also used as: Effervescent (adj) ; effervescently (adv)

She՚d had little acting experience, but her effervesce got her part.


noun- the ability to produce desired results

Also used as: Efficacious (adj) ; efficaciously (adv)

The new medication had a high degree of efficacy


Noun- powerfully effective speech

Also used as: Eloquent (adj) ; eloquently (adv)

Not usually known for eloquence Ralph surprised everyone with a wonderful speech.


adj- native to a particular country or among a particular group

That particular plant is endemic to the northern tip of the island.