Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Euphemism, Evasive to Exacerbate

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noun- a word or phrase that՚s used to make an unpleasant idea sound better

Also used as: Euphemistic (adj) , euphemistically (adv)

Passed away is a euphemism for died. Continental breakfast is a euphemism for muffins and coffee.


adj- tending to avoid giving direct answer, neither, not yes, no

Look like: Eva՚s hive

Also used as: Evade (verb) ; evasiveness (noun)

The nervous witness avoided eye contact and his answers were evasive


noun- mystery; puzzle

Also used as: Enigmatic (adj)

The origin of Saturn՚s rings remains a puzzling enigma.


noun- mutual hatred

Connect with: noun- friendship. it՚s easy to tell these two worlds apart, because enmity looks like enemy.

The enmity between the two warring nations is centuries old.


verb- promote; recommend

Also used as: Endorsement (noun)

Celebrity endorsements can be effective.


verb- raise in rank; elevate; praise

Also used as: Exalted (adj) ; exaltation (noun)

Sentence: The popular queen was exalted by all.


verb- erase

Sentence: an asteroid could expunge an entire city.


verb- to remove offensive words, ideas or symbols, censor

Also used as: Expurgation (noun) ; expurgatory (adj)

Sentence: some people want to expurgate racist and sexist language from literature.


adj- unnecessary; irrelevant

Also used as: Extraneously (adv) ; extraneousness (noun)

Sentence: a good editor will eliminate extraneous words and phrases.


verb- to free from a trap or difficult situation; to disentangle

Also used as: Extrication (nun) ; extricable (adj)

Sentence: the fox worked for hours to extricate itself from the trap.


verb- to make a bad situation worse.

Also used as: Exacerbation (noun)

Trying to put out a fire with gasoline will only exacerbate the problem.