Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Extemporaneous to Ethereal, Eulogize

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adj- done without planning; improvised

Also used as: Extemporaneously (adv)

He spoke extemporaneously, without notes, for an hour.


adj- uncontrollably joyous

Also used as: Exuberance (noun) ; exuberant after its team won the championship.


adj- choosing from many different sources; carefully selective

Also used as: Eclectically- adv; eclecticism- noun

An eclectic reader enjoys many different writing styles and subjects.


verb- to make more beautiful; decorate; adorn


There was plain and simple, but they embellished it with handmade crafts.


verb- sap the strength; weaken

Also used as: Enervation- noun; enervated adj

The hot sun enervated the runners, slowing their pace


adj-temporary; short-lived

Also used as: Ephemerally – adv

My early morning memory of dreams is ephemeral: by lunchtime, I can՚t remember a thing.


noun- the knowledge acquired through many years of study, process of acanthine knowledge

Also used as: Erudite- adj: eruditely-adv

The professor՚s erudite manner impressed many students and intimidated others.


adj- know to or understood by a limited group of people

Also used as: Esoteric- noun

The book was filled with esoteric information about a long lost tribe.


adj- heavenly; fine; delicately beautiful

Also used as: Etherealness- noun; ethereally- adv

The frozen mist on the tress provided an ethereal backdrop for the photograph.


verb- to praise highly; to extol

Also used as: Eulogy- noun; eulogistic- adj

Note: the prefix ″ eu- almost always means ″ good ″ . Look up eugenics, euphony and euphoria in the dictionary, and see euphemism below.

Listening to a eulogy helps us remember specific about the person who has died.