Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Gullible, Garrulous to Gregarious

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adj – easily deceived

Also used as: Gullibility (noun)

don՚t be so gullible that you believe everything.


adj – very talkative; loquacious

Also used as: Garrulity (noun)

Paul was garrulous, so he was a natural choice to be the spokesperson.


noun- distance around an object; circumference

The old tree had a girth of twelve feet.


adj- changed so much that the original meaning has been distorted; scrambled

Also used as: Garble (verb)

The email. Came through but it was garbled.


noun- seriousness

Also used as: Grave (adj) ; gravely (adv)

A situation՚s gravity can cause nervous laughter.


adj- flashy; gaudy

Also used as: Garishly- adv; garishness- noun

In an effort to look exotic, the fortune teller wore a lot of garish jewelry.


verb- collects; gather; accumulate; earn

His hit songs have garnered many awards.


adj- friendly; gracious; kind

Also used as: Geniality- noun

I try to be genial, but my natural grouchiness inevitably comes through.


adj- relevant; fitting

When writing an essay focus on the germane points.


noun- a person who consumes hugs quantities of food or drink; someone with great endurance

Also used as: Gluttony- noun; gluttonous- adj

His gluttony, especially for sweets got him into a serious medical condition.


adj- sociable; extroverted; enjoying companionship

Also used as: Gregariously- adv; gregariousness- noun

Gregarious people probably make better salesmen.