Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Infiltrate, Intermittent to Imposter

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verb – penetrate by passing through gaps; enter secretly and become established, such as a spy might do in an enemy organization

Also used as: Infiltration (noun) ; infiltrative (adj)

The aim of intelligence agencies is to infiltrate enemy organizations.


adj- occurring at intervals; periodic; not constant or continual

Also used as: Intermittently (advj; intermission (noun)

The intermittent showers were followed by long periods of sunshine


or noun- an unexpected outcome or the use of a word that is the opposite of its literal meaning.

Also used as: Ironic (adj) ; ironically (adv)

it՚s ironic that he tripped on a crutch and broke his leg.


noun- the worship of objects or people as gods

Also used as: Idolater- noun; idolize- verb; idolatrous- adj

In judeo- Christian scripture, idolatry is forbidden by the Ten Commandments.


verb- to fill as with a strong dye or a strong feeling

The speaker imbued her audience with powerful feeling of confidence.


adj- about to take place, happening soon

Also used as: Imminently – adv; imminence- noun

Another stabbing contraction and the pregnant woman knew the birth was imminent.


adj- unable to change

Also used as: Immutability- noun; immutably- adv

The speed of light seems to be an immutable law of nature.


noun- a situation from which you cannot escape, stalemate

Also used as: Impassive (see below)

The two sides reached an impasse and negotiations were halted.


adj- without feeling; expressionless

Also used as: Impassively- adv; impassivity- noun

Strongly clam Margaret watched impassively as her car rolled into the river.


verb- get in the way; hinder

Also used as: Impedance impediment- noun

There are strict rules against a fielder impeding the progress of a base runner.


adj- making quick decisions and taking sudden action; hasty; impulsive

Also used as: Impetuosity- noun; impetuously- adv


People who think before they act may look upon the impetuous with curiosity.


noun- pretender

There are many impostors lurking on the internet so watch out.