Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Impudence, Inadvertent to Infallible

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noun- rudeness; insolence

Also used as: Impudent-adj; impudently- adv

Note: don՚t confuse with imprudence, which means a lack of wisdom (see prudent)

Impudence or any disrespectful behaviour is not tolerated in a court of law.


adj- unintentional

Also used as: Inadvertently-adv; inadvertence- noun

The newspaper inadvertently switched the names under the picture.


adj- silly; insignificant

Also used as: Inanity- noun; inanely- adv

it՚s hard to believe that grown men could argue such inane matters.

Also used as: Inchoate: adj- not yet fully developed

The inchoate army needs a great deal mare training.


verb- arouse to action; stir up; forment

Also used as: Incitement, incitation- nouns

Note: don՚t confuse with insight, the ability to perceive.

The angry Mainer incited his co- workers to strike.


adj- impossible to correct control or discipline

Also used as: Incorrigibility- noun; incorrigibly- adv

Those prisoners deemed incorrigible are often separated from the others.


adj- unwilling or unable to believe

Also used as: Incredulity – noun; incredulously- adv

Note: an object or event is incredible; the person observing it is incredulous.

Also connect with all words containing the root creed such as credence, credulous, credibility, credentials and credit; all have to do with belief

He watched incredulously as his dog got into the family minivan and drove away.


verb- change with a crime; accuse

Also used as: Indictment- noun

The gangster was indicated on four counts of murder.


adj- very poor

Also used as: Indigence, indigent- nouns

Note: don՚t confuse this word with indigenous, which means native or inborn. Or indignant, which means angry.

Pauline works hard to help the homeless and the indigent.


adj- lazy

Also used as: Indolence- noun; indolently- adv

Martha was a hard worker and could not tolerate indolence in her children.


adj- incapable of making a mistake

Also used as: Infallibility- noun; infallibly- adv

Just think of in/a/ able.

An infallible system for predicting numbers would spell the end of all lotteries.