Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Infamy, Ingenuous to Irreverent

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noun- a bad reputation; notoriety

Also used as: Infamous- adj- infamously- adv

Some criminals seek immortality by living on in infamy.


adj- naïve, unsophisticated; inexperienced

Also used as: Ingenuousness- noun; ingenuously- adv.

Disingenuous (shrewd)

His ingenuous manner led us to believe he was incapable of deceit.


adj- having a quality that arises from within, rather than learned or acquired from the outside; native; inborn

Also used as: Innateness- noun; innately- adv

Note: be careful not to confuse innate with inane. But do connect it with inherent.

Elephants have an innate tendency to stick together and help each other.


adj- harmless; inoffensive

Also used as: Innocuously- adv; innocusness- noun

The drink looked innocuous, but actually contained a deadly poison.


adj- mysterious/enigma

Also used as: Inscrutability- noun; inscrutably- adv

People have always longed to understand the inscrutable universe.


adj- dull; flat; without sparkle or flavor

Also used as: Insipidly-adv

Amy was surprised that her husband could enjoy such a boring insipid movie.


adj- rude; haughty

Also used as: Insolence- noun; insolently- adv

Lenny was suspended from school for his insolent behavior.


adj- stubborn; immovable

Also used as: Intractability- noun; intractably- adv

Rita was intractable in her belief that she՚d been abducted by aliens.


adj- easily angered

Also used as: Irascibleness- noun; irasciblyadv

he՚s irascible in the morning so don՚t talk to him before noon.


adj- indecisive; unsure

Also used as: Irresoluteness- noun; irresolutely- adv

His irresolute attitude about getting married caused her to call off the wedding.


adj- disrespectful

Also used as: Irreverence- noun; irreverently- adv

Revere (opposite)

Pamela՚s irreverent remarks got her into trouble with her supervisor.