Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Jubilant, Judicious to Jocular

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adj- filled with joy

Also used as: Jubilation (noun) ; jubilantly (adv)

Rescue workers were jubilant when they found someone alive under the rubble.


adj- wise; making good decisions

Also used as: Judiciousness (noun) ; judiciously (adv)

Even when there isn՚t much to do, good employees will make judicious use of their time.


noun – specialized language used by a particular group

the use of jargon can be an efficient way to communicate, especially in an emergency.


noun- yellow color; or envy or resentment

Also used as: Jaundiced (adj)

Jaundice, a yellowish look to the skin may be a sign of liver trouble.


verb- to place side by side

Also used as: Juxtaposition (noun)

The juxtaposition of sound is important in music.


noun- point in time, especially a crucial one, joint or connection

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was a key juncture in modern would history.


noun- the threat or possibility of danger

Also used as: Jeopardize (verb)

One drunk driver can put many lives in jeopardy.


adj- lively; perky; sprightly

Also used as: Jauntiness- noun; jauntily- adv.

Note: don՚t confuse with jaunt (a short trip)

The host՚s jaunty mood soon everyone enjoying the party.


verb- to throw overboard; to discard

The space shuttle jettisons its external fuel tanks after launch.


adj- joking; playful; jesting; witty

Also used as: Jocularity- noun; jocularly- adv

Jocose and jocund which have similar meanings to jocular. Just about any unfamiliar word you come across that begins with joe will have something to do with joke.

Her jocular personality kept everyone loose during the long flight across the pacific.