Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Kinetic, Kindle to Lucid, Ludicrous

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adj- in motion; active

A falling object has kinetic energy.


verb- to start a fire; ignite; arouse

Also used as: Kindling- noun- thin twigs and to start a fire in a fireplace.

Often it is one special teacher who kindles a student՚s lifelong interest in a subject.


verb- lose energy or motivation; become weak or depressed

Also used as: Languor (noun) ; languorous (adj)

The unmotivated team languished in last place all season.


adj- existing but inactive, such as a certain quality; dormant or still; invisible

Also used as: Latency (noun)

A disease can remain in the body, latent and undetected for years.


adj- tired; sluggish; lacking drive energy

Also used as: Listlessness (noun) ; listlessly (adv)

People who have trouble sleeping are often listless during the day.


adj- reluctant; unwilling

Nancy loved her children, but she was loath to eat the breakfast they՚d made for her.


verb- to hate enmity

Also used as: Loathsomeness, loathing (nouns) ; loathsome (adj) ; loathsomely (adv)

A child molester is a loathsome creature, even among other criminals.


noun- something inherited, either from an ancestor or from the past itself

Note: A legacy could be a physical gift such as money or something abstract such as knowledge.

Her funding of the museum was a legacy to future generations.


adj- tired; sluggish; drowsy

Also used as: Lethargy (noun) ; lethargically (adv)

he՚d intended to mow the lawn but was too lethargic and simply fell asleep.


adj- mournful

Also used as: Lugubriousness- noun; lugubriously- adv

Lugubrious music saturated the funeral service.


adj- quiet; of few words; terse

A monastery might be the perfect place for a laconic man.


verb- express sorrow; complain

Also used as: Lament, lamentation- noun; lamentable- adj; lamentably- adv.

The embarrassing incident at the salad bar was simply a lamentable mistake.


verb- praise; worship; extol

Also used as: Laudatory, laudable- adj; laudably- adv

The review was completely laudatory- it didn՚t contain a single negative comment


noun- lightness; playfulness; jocularity

Even the most serious films usually have moments of levity.


verb- to put someone onto a pedestal; to treat with great respect

Abraham Lincoln is now lionized by members of all political parties.


adj- at a great height; elevated; noble

Also used as: Loftiness- noun

He was well into his eighties, yet he still had lofty goals.


adj- talkative

Also used as: Loquaciousness- noun; loquaciously- adv

The loquacious lady in the library irritated those trying to read.


adj- easy- to understand; transparent; clear thinking

Also used as: Lucidity- noun; lucidly- adv

Jerome was surprisingly lucid for someone who had just fallen on his head.


adj- absurd; ridiculous

Also used as: Ludicrousness- noun; ludicrously-adv

it՚s ludicrous to say secondhand smoke is harmless.