Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Meticulous, Malleable to Myriad

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adj – extremely careful about details

Brian was fairly neat and careful about most things, but when it came to his stamp collection, he was absolutely meticulous.


adj- able to be reshaped by force, pliable; impressionable

Also used as: Malleability (noun)

She enjoyed working with younger students, while their minds were still malleable.


adj – small in size or amount; thin; weak

Also used as: Meagerness (noun) ; meagerly (adv)

The movie promised plenty of action, but the plot was meager


adj- depressed

I was already morose, and four days of rain made it worse.


noun- a person of great power

A billionaire real estate magnate, he owned a quarter of the town.


adj- big hearted; generous; forgiving; noble

Also used as: Magnanimously (adv) ; magnanimity (noun)

Note that the root magn means great or large, while anim pertains to the mind soul or spirit. Thus, big hearted.

Even after ten years in prison as an innocent man he was magnanimous upon his release.


noun- evil speech; curse

Also used as: Maledictory (adj)

When angered, he could be a fountain of unkind thoughts and malediction.


noun- person who tries to hurt others, criminal

Also used as: Malefaction (noun)

She՚d hoped he would be a benefactor, but he turned out to be the opposite-a malefactor.


noun- a desire to cause harm or suffering

Also used as: Malicious (adj) ; maliciously (adv)

He wasn՚t just mean; he was malicious.


verb- to say evil or harmful things about someone; defame; vilify

Also used as: Malignant (adj)

He was so angered to learn the tumor was malignant, he maligned the entire hospital staff.


verb- wanders in a carefree manner; follow a winding course; ramble

Also used as: Meandering (adj) ; meander (noun)

Meandering through the woods without a destination was Nancy՚s favorite activity.


adj- very small in size

Minutiae, which means minor details.

A deer tick is minute and can barely be seen on the skin.


verb- make less severe; mollify

Her soft tone had a mitigating effect, and the argument ended.


adj- spoiled, scratched, blemished

Also used as: Mar – verb

The new table arrived on time but was marred by scratches and dents.


adj- smooth; sweetly flowing

Also used as: Mellifluously- adv; mellifluent- adj

Many people enjoy the mellifluous second of water running over rocks.


noun- a lie, a false statement

Also used as: Mendacious- adj; mendaciously- adv

Sarah grew tired of Paula՚s mendacities and began to look for a more honest employee.


verb- misunderstand; interpret incorrectly

it՚s easy to misconstrue someone՚s meaning in an email, so be careful.


adj- ordinary; earthly (not spiritual) ; practical; temporary

Some scientific theorists have trouble with mundane things such as using a washing machine.


adj- large number; many

The myriad choices in a store can be confusing.