Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Nuance, Negligent to Novelty Noun

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noun- slight degree; shade of difference

The nuances of opera arenีšt obvious to most of us.


adj- careless in a situation that could result in harm; negleful

Also used as: Negligence (noun)

The drive was charged with negligence for leaving the scene of an accident.


verb- provides care and support; nourish; train or educate

Also used as: Nurturer, nurturance (noun)

A beautiful garden needs to be nurtured with water, fertilizer, and sunshine


noun- beginner

Any words that begin with neo. They always refer to something that is new.

Val was a neophyte but learned quickly.


adj- longing for the past; homesick; wishing for a return to the way things used to be

Also used as: Nostalgia (noun)

Seeing the old pictures of her parents made Katie nostalgic.


adj- active at night

Also used as: Nocturnally (adv) ,

Opposite: Diurnal (adj)

Bats are nocturnal, so we rarely see them in daylight.

Novelty Noun

something new or unusual

The microwave is no longer novel.