Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Obstinate, Opaque to Onerous

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adj- stubborn; refusing to be persuaded

Also used as: Obstinacy (noun) ; obstinately (adv)

Always obstinate, sue insisted on going to the movies, even though she had the flu.

Obtuse: adj- dull; blunt; unintelligent; lacking sharpness


adj- too dark or thick for light to pass through

Also used as: Opacity (noun)

The stain was opaque and the grain of the wood.


noun- someone who takes advantage of the situation

Also used as: Opportunistic (adj)

An opportunistic lawsuit attorney, tom enjoyed witnessing traffic accidents.


noun- someone who always things will turn out okay

Also used as: Optimistic (adj) ; optimistically (adv)

Perri mist (noun) you have to be optimist it you՚re going to invest your money in the stock market.


adj - a sign of something unpleasant that՚s about to happen; inauspicious

Also used as: Omen (noun) ; ominously (adv)

Centuries ago, people saw comets, eclipses and other astronomical events as ominous signs of future trouble.


verb- eliminate the need for something; make unnecessary

Credit and debit cards have almost obviated the need for cash.


adj- hazy; unfamiliar; difficult to understand

Also used as: Obscurely (adv) ; obscurity (noun)

Most people who are famous in their day eventually fade into obscurity.


adj- stubborn; unyielding

Also used as: Obdurateness- noun; obdurately- adv

He was obdurate about cleanliness and bathed twice a day.


verb- scold; castigate; denounce

Also used as: Objurgation- noun

The radio talk show host lost all patience and thoroughly objurgated the rude caller.


verb- remove or destroy completely, erase

Also used as: Obliteration- noun

The fire obliterated the building and its contents.


adj- behaving like a meek spineless servant; subservient; sycophantic

Also used as: Obsequiousness- noun; obsequiously- adv

Many celebrities surround themselves with a large obsequious staff.


adj- burdensome; oppressive

Also used as: Onerousness- noun; onerously- adv

Once an idealistic nurse, pat now viewed the profession as an onerous way to make a living.