Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Pios, Point to Penury, Parsimony

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adj- exhibiting religious devotion

Also used as: He never went to church or temple, but he was pious all the same.


adj- powerful

Also used as: Portny (noun)

Potentate, potential

The teal has a potent offense.


Noun- model of excellence; the best

Malaika Arora is a paragon of dance.


noun- equality or equivalence; balance among a group of rivals

Note: don՚t confuse this word with: parody ″ , which refers to an imitation that is meant to poke fun at the subject.

There is parity in a sports league when no one team dominates every year


noun – a strong liking; attraction

A penchant for antique cars can be an expensive trait.


noun- an eelier occupant of a job, office, or position

She completely redecorated the office, removing all evidence of her predecessor.

Predilection: noun- a preference for something

Marty՚s predilection for brownies meant was constantly batting his weight.


adj- widely accepted; common; prevailing

Also used as: Prevalence (noun)

The English language is prevalent throughout the world.


adj- in large amounts or quantities

Also used as: Profuseness, profusion (noun) ; profusely (adv)

The profusion of food on the cruise was overwhelming, and we stuffed ourselves.


noun- nearness; closeness

Also used as: Proximate (adj) ; proximately (adv)

Joe sold car because his house was in such proximity to everything.


noun- extreme poverty; destitution

Also used as: Penurious (adj) ; penuriously (adv)

Banks are reluctant to lend money to people who need it most those living in penury.


noun- stinginess; excessive frugality

Also used as: Parsimonious (adv)

His parsimony made him an unpopular school board treasurer.