Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Paucity, Pecuniary to Perspicacity

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noun- too few; scarcity

In many of the poorer nations of Africa there is a dangerous paucity of food and medicine.


adj- having to do with money; financial

A corporate leader must often consider the pecuniary aspect of decisions.


adj- arrogant: obnoxiously proud, filled with self-importance:

Also used as: Pomposity (noun) ; pompously (adv)

The new manager seemed like a pompous jerk who wasn՚t interested in anyone else՚s ideas.


adj- worthless; insignificant, petty,

Also used as: Paltriness (noun)

Bill could barely survive on his paltry wages.


adj – blindly devoted to a cause or organization

Also used as: Partisan, partisanship (noun)

it՚s easy for members of a club or political group to see things from & partisan perspective.


adj- destructive

Also used as: Perniciousness (noun) ; perniciously (adv)

He was a pernicious boy who broke all his toys.


adj- formed long ago; primitive

What amazing creatures must have lived in the primordial forests?


verb- extend in time or space

Also used as: Protraction- noun; protractive -adj

The meeting was protracted, and she had to cancel her plans for the evening.


verb- to anger to stir up or arouse

Also used as: Provocative (adj) ; provokingly (adv) ; provocation (noun)

People involved in a long running feud often don՚t even know what provoked it


noun- person who refuses to fight

Also used as: Pacify-verb

Pacific, pacifier, peaceful

It was hard for Einstein, a pacifist to support the war against Germany.


adj- without enthusiasm or thoroughness; routine.

Also used as: Perfunctoriness- noun; perfunctorily- adv

he՚d been teaching the course for so long; it had become a perfunctory exercise.


noun- mental sharpness; keen insight; shrewdness

Also used as: Perspicacious- adj; perspicaciously- adv

Curly was normally perspicacious but the high altitude was clouding her mind.