Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Pretentious, Prodigal to Puerile

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adj- showy; making ridiculous claims; excessively ambitious

Also used as: Pretension- nouns; pretentiously- adv

The house was pretentious clearly designed and decorated to make visitors feel inferior.


adj- wasteful, especially of money; extravagant

Note: donีšt confuse with prodigy a highly talented child.

Sal earned enough but his prodigal nature caused him to live beyond his means.


adj- very large

Also used as: Prodigiousness- noun; prodigiously- adv

After a twenty year career her accomplishments were prodigious.


adj- penetrating beyond the superficial; filled with wisdom and insight; deep

Also used as: Profundity- noun; profoundly- adv

Tina came through the ordeal with a new and profound understanding of life.


adj- wise; shrewd; cautious

Also used as: Prudently- adv; prudence- noun; prudential- adj.

Sometimes the most prudent thing to say is nothing at all.


adj- childish

Also used as: Puerility- noun

If you want to see puerile behavior, go to a little league game and watch the parents.