Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Qualify, Quarantine to Querulous

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verb- to limit the meaning of a previous statement; to modify

Also used as: Qualifier (noun) ; qualified (ad) ; qualifiedly (adv)

He qualified his original promise so many times; I couldn՚t remember what the promise was.


noun- forced isolation to prevent the spread of disease

Also used as: Quarantine (verb) ; quarantined (adj)

The first astronauts to return from the moon were quarantined until they could be examined.


noun- a state of confusion or doubt; dilemma

The need to make quick medical decisions for someone else can send anyone into a quandary.


verb- to calm; pacify

Her fears were quelled as soon as she saw her friends approach the campsite.


adj- constantly complaining

Note: querulous is not related to the word query which means to question.

His critical querulous nature was hard to live with.